About this Blog page.

Hi there, welcome to my blog. This blog posting will explain why this blog exists, what kind of content to expect from this blog and a little about me.

Why does this blog exist?

The main reason for me starting this blog was to share my experience as a student starting his career in information security. Hopefully, what I post on here will (eventually) help someone out there, starting their journey into world of I.T security.

Blog Content

What I plan on posting will be more suited towards people starting out in the penetration testing area of security. For the immediate future, I’ll be posting walkthroughs of the stuff on pentesterlabs and other similar exercises that I can find. I plan on posting at-least once a week, more if I have the time.

About Me.

Now a little about me. I’m an 24 year old student currently getting my masters in information security. I enjoy reading comics, books, watching t.v shows and movies plus programming, currently looking into raspberry pi projects. Of-coarse pentesting has always been a passion of mine, so testing out different vulnerable vm’s, keeping up with new I.T news and security vulnerabilities.

If there is anything else you would like to know or any suggestions, please drop me a line. 

Stay classy,

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