About me and this site

This part has always been hard for me to fill out. What is that people want to know? What sports team do I follow? Where do I live? How I get started? I think I’ll just start off with the basics.

I’m an Australian born, middle eastern dude with a love of cybersecurity. I work as a security analyst and spend my spare either chilling out with friends and family, playing games or binge watching  some new T.V show. Degree wise I have a bachelor of I.T and a masters in information security. My goal is to have my OSCP within the next 6 months for no other reason than to say I have it.

Now that I have that out the way, lets talk about why I have this blog. Main reason, to keep me motivated and focused on bettering my skills as a cyber security professional. As long as I have this site, I feel obligated to update it with new content, which in turn forces me to learn and refine my skills.

For now, I’ve mainly focused on vulnhub challenges as that’s what is currently peaking my interest, but that could change in the future. Hope you find something useful while on here.



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